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Supporting Peak Employee Performance

  LEGALCARE  is an innovative program designed to improve your employees’ emotional well-being and help ensure maximum work performance by giving them easy, confidential access to the legal assistance they or their family may need.

  From time to time, legal concerns and problems affect everyone. If not dealt with, in addition to the human toll of emotional and financial difficulties, these concerns and problems are certain to undermine an employee’s effectiveness at work - costing your company money.

  In fact, personal problems account for as much as 61% of employee absenteeism each year; of which 48% are due to legal concerns. This is why, when offered, legal services are one of the most highly utilized of all employee benefits.

Through LEGALCARE, you will make available to your employees a valuable benefit and save your company money because it will help:

¨ Reduce employee absenteeism  ¨ Reduce employee tardiness

¨ Reduce employee accidents      ¨ Reduce employee mistakes

   ¨ Reduce work place problems    ¨ Reduce employee health claims


The LEGALCARE Services

By calling LEGALCARE's toll-free number, your employees can obtain assistance for any of their personal legal concerns. LEGALCARE's services include:

¨ Unlimited calls to LEGALCARE ¨ No time limit on calls

¨ HELPLINE - A legal helpline - your employees can call and speak with a local attorney to obtain answers to their legal questions. There is no limit on the number of calls.

¨ REFERRALS - Should an employee need to hire an attorney, LEGALCARE will provide your employee with the name of one of our independent attorneys who specializes in the employee’s area of need and whose office is near his or her home or workplace.

¨ All referral attorneys will provide your employees with:

· an initial consultation of up to 30 minutes free of charge, and thereafter · a 25% reduction to his or her standard billing rate for all work performed on behalf of the employee.


LEGALCARE is an Employer funded program at an investment by you of only pennies per employee per month and covers your employees and their immediate family members. All services are private, held in the strictest confidence and provided by experienced attorneys, all of whom are unaffiliated with LEGALCARE.

LEGALCARE’s services may be utilized as often as an employee desires for assistance with legal concerns in the following areas of law:

 Family Law Housing and Real Estate Estate Planning, Wills and Probate

    Consumer and Contract Issues Creditor and Bankruptcy Concerns

Insurance Matters/Personal Injury Social Security and Elder Care Trusts and Tax Matters Criminal Law/DWI/Traffic Tickets and Immigration and Naturalization

Under no circumstances does LEGALCARE advise on or provide referrals for employer/employee issues.

The Single Most Cost Effective Benefit

  Your employees will find LEGALCARE  to be simple to use, friendly and confidential.  You will find the program to be extraordinarily cost effective.  And because it can boost employee morale and productivity as well as your bottom line - it is a benefit that just makes sense.