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Did you know?


More people will be in a courtroom than in a hospital this year.

A recent study looked into the sources and costs of lost work time.  The study, which included professional, management, sales and blue collar personnel, identified categories of lost work time.

The study found that 48.2%, or almost half of those surveyed, had legal problems of enough significance to result in their missing work.  The study also points out that analyzing lost work time only provides a preliminary level of cost estimates.  There is also the impairment of productivity and team relationships, higher health insurance costs and increased levels of accidents which add to the overall costs to a company.

With LEGALCARE, your members will never have to hesitate to ask for legal advice for fear it will cost too much.

More than one in two Americans experience a legal problem every year - yet less than 10% get help ;

Over 87% of callers to LEGALCARE have their problem resolved by phone.

The American Bar Foundation found that the majority of working people and smaller companies have unmet legal needs;

Yet nearly two-thirds of working people have used an attorney only once or never in their lives.

80% of those surveyed agreed that people do not go to lawyers both because they have no way of knowing which lawyer is competent to handle their problem and they fear the cost of consulting an attorney.

Each year 80 million lawsuits are filed in the United States - an average of 152 lawsuits per minute.

There is 1 divorce filed in the United States every 2.7 seconds, according to government statistics.

Employee absenteeism from work for legal-related issues costs U.S. companies over $10 billion each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.