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LEGALCARE offers to Associations, Employers and EAPs’ a unique legal assistance program which you can provide as a benefit to your members, employees or covered lives, as the case may be, at an investment by you of literally just pennies per participant per month. 

 In today’s complex and often confusing society, it is a fact of life that everyone has reason to consult an attorney from time to time. It is also a fact of life that most people do not consult an attorney even when they need to. The reasons for this are three-fold.

     1.    They do not know how to find the right attorney;

2.    They are concerned that they cannot afford the cost; and

3.    They are afraid to speak with an attorney.

In fact, the American Bar Association has estimated that 150 million Americans have virtually no access to even the most basic of legal assistance.

Through LEGALCARE, you are in the unique position of assisting the people who depend upon you by providing them with the ability to solve each of these concerns.

 And as you have probably already experienced, when people have legal concerns and problems which are not dealt with, the result is potentially disabling personal financial loss, lost work time and related distraction and anxiety at both work and home.

Legal assistance programs, when provided, have proven to be one of the most important and highly utilized benefits an Association, Company or EAP can provide its members, employees or covered lives.

   LEGALCARE, which is attorney operated, was founded for the specific purpose of providing affordable legal assistance to participants in a manner which makes quality and comprehensive legal assistance readily available in a friendly and easily accessible manner.

LEGALCARE’s sole purpose is to allow people to easily obtain the help they need before a problem becomes serious, thus enhancing productivity and personal well-being.